Über mich / about me

Frank R. Schulz – the initiator of this blog – is an international networker and trustee for the Federal roof organisation of Germany’s wine sector. Born in the wine growing region “Pfalz” he was raised with children of all color in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. His dad, a philosopher and humanist as well as his mum, an estate owner, enabled him to experience truely open-minded environments: the Glasgow University, Scotland (90s) and the bay area in San Francisco, California, USA (80s). Frank is aware ot the value of craftmanship. Both granddads were “Meister”, one a mechanical engineer who improved and invented patents for the brickyard industry.

The blog sleeping-beauties.de is his non-commercialised hobby. It invites users to take a break and experience transiency and car culture many people may relate to (remebering own autobiographical memories). It all commenced with snapshots from a trip Frank Schulz undertook with his half-swedish friend “John”. Together, they cruzed through lost places and hidden car junkjards in the southwest of the USA. This roadtrip was published in MOTOR Klassik 3/2008). Later on, he noticed that his life long passions – wine and classic car culture – both fascinate and connect people around the globe. A wonderful discovery Frank Schulz loves to foster. He is currently based in the Great Wine Capital MAINZ, Germany. You can reach Frank on all relevant social media platforms or via sleepingbeauties(a)gmx.de

Frank R. Schulz with his '72 Triumph Spitfire
Frank R. Schulz with his ’72 Triumph Spitfire